Dog Training & Socialisation

6 Week Courses

Dog Training & Socialisation

The objective of all of our courses is to begin to enable puppies to grow into well mannered, confident young dogs, able to focus and interact with you, as owner, in the presence of other dogs and humans.

We include a socialisation element to our courses, to allow dogs of a similar size and age to learn how to interact in an appropriate manner.  Positive socialisation with other dogs from the day your puppy comes home is vital for them to grow to be confident and appropriately behaved around other dogs.

To be able to book a place on one of our Courses a 1-2-1 Session is required first.

Our Classes are much sought after, so if you are planning on getting a puppy and would like a New Puppy 1-2-1 Session followed by a place on a course then please contact us as early as you can.


For puppies from 12 weeks old, or earlier if fully vaccinated. Covering essential life skills needed to raise a well-balanced puppy, including coming back when called, walking without pulling, jumping up, chewing/biting, stay, drop it, settle etc. All essential for creating a unique and strong dog-owner bond.


Building on the foundations laid in the Basic Puppy Foundation Course these classes aim to help your growing puppy develop their essential skills, especially as they approach the ‘adolescent phase’ in their development (6 to 18 months).


Cementing skills learnt and teaching new ones, this course aims to give owners the tools to support their puppies during adolescence and beyond.


For owners and dogs who want to extend training with their dogs. The focus is on keeping your dog’s brain occupied and challenged in order to reinforce the bond already established with you. These sessions are quality time, spent enjoying your dog’s company and working with friends, both canine and human.

Location & Price

Fridays (daytime) At Judwood Farm Outdoor Paddock, Haysden Lane. TN11 8AB

Cost:- £15 per session, £90 in total, bookable in advance to guarantee your place.

Puppy Socialisation in Tunbridge Wells

Course Dates

6 Week Course starting April 9th  ALL FULLY BOOKED

New course starting May 28th – please contact us for details.